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Midway through a 30-year career in oral surgery, I began a pivot into my Encore Career, Business Advising, to help solve the many challenges our growing practice faced. With my valuable experience and strategic approach, I assist other businesses in achieving rapid growth and preparing for the future.

Throughout the years, I have developed my business knowledge and expertise to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing demands of the markets. During this time, I have encountered various business challenges and “stress tests,” which have provided me with valuable learning experiences. I have also witnessed situations where even the experts had significant gaps in their knowledge. Then, I realized no one would ever care as much about my business as I do.

Becoming the CEO of ME

After constantly receiving the response “It depends” from accountants and advisors, I realized that I needed to acquire business mastery by completing an MBA program to get the answers I sought. As our business grew rapidly, I continued to pursue additional training and education to keep up with the pace, including:

  • Series 65 Financial Advisor License to better manage our Retirement plans.
  • CEPA (Certifed Exit Planning Advisor) to help transition our practice and prepare for Encore Career.
  • SBSP (Senior Business Strategy Professional) to solidify my knowledge of Strategy Formulation and Frameworks for my clients.
  • CPBA (Certified Professional Business Advisor) to help integrate my knowledge and experience into a platform that could help clients.

As a business owner, I understand running a business’s stress, challenges, and loneliness. It can take time and effort to find the right solutions to problems. I founded Darab Business Advisors (DBA) to provide deep knowledge and experience to help business owners tackle their most pressing challenges.

Get Unstuck

Turn obstacles into opportunities, confusion into clarity, and planning into action.

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